Exclusive Alphatron Marine promotion

Discover our spectacular offer and choose for unlimited KA-band VSAT in combination with a complete hardware package from Alphatron Marine. Sign up before 31 December 2017 and take advantage of a fast, stable data connection combined with high quality hardware.


  • Unlimited data connection
  • Intellian V60KA VSAT system
  • Prewired 19” cabinet with active ventilation 9U
  • iDirect X7 modem
  • Pepwave BR1 3G router
  • WiFi Access
  • 8 port managed ethernet switch
  • Support PC
  • Power distribution unit
  • Eaton UPS


The THOR 7 High Throughput Satellitwe (HTS) provides regional coverage with a favorable look angle over the main European shipping lanes and utilizes relatively small spot beams, which provide unprecedented high-power performance for maritime applications.

Supported by the iDirect next generation Velocity© platform, the iDirect platform offers automatic and seamless spot beam hand over – a necessity for a market that relies upon continuous connectivity. The THOR 7 HTS delivers downlink speeds anywhere between 512kbps and 24Mbps and uplink speeds between 128kbps and 6Mpbs.


Fixed installation fee within the Netherlands of € 1500, which is excluding transport, customs, travel- and accommodation charges.
After the contracts ends, you will automatically become the owner of the hardware.