IT & AV solutions

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Continuously striving for high quality solutions, a no-nonsense approach and the human touch in technology are just some of the core values that have shaped Alphatron into the company that it is today.

The Alphatron Marine IT & AV solutions division is run by an enthusiastic team that specializes in the integration of technology in the field of complete IT and entertainment solutions. This is done without any compromise with respect to quality and reliability. Many years of experience in various maritime markets ensure that we are able to understand and integrate the applications you want in ready-made solutions.

Experience the comfort of the human touch in technology with us as your strategic partner in IT and AV solutions.

The concept of entertainment is very broad. It extends from analog TV-reception, internet access and conference facilities, to IP TV, audio and video-on-demand servers, plus wireless access from every room. It is an ever-changing market where developments follow each other at lightning speed. With the right, adaptable concept, good knowledge of the maritime industry and the ability to listen to what the customer really wants, we offer a tailored solution on board for you. Whether it is a practical television system, a wireless network or a complete AV solution: we take care of the supply, engineering, installation, programming and start-up of your preferred solution.

An entertainment system on board a mega-yacht has to be able to stimulate the senses of the owner and guests at the touch of a single button. Because yachts are uncompromisingly designed and built for some of the most demanding owners, entertainment on board plays an essential role in the experience of unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Together with the owner and shipyard, we are able to create the ultimate experience. We do this by representing several distinctive brands in combination with our core values, such as customer satisfaction and good customer relationship management.

Our years of experience as a system integrator ensures that we understand the market and speak the right language. Silently, the TV descends gracefully from the ceiling. The film begins, while the lights are dimmed in phases. The curtains close, the music stops, and the movie volume increases. All this can be done at one touch of a button by the user. From our office we keep a close eye on the system, including the operating temperature and the available storage capacity, to ensure that this luxury can be enjoyed without hindrances. A complete solution with the goal of exceeding expectations, by listening to what is really wanted, instead of telling the customer how it has to be.

Commercial solutions
For the commercial sector, we are able to offer solutions tailored to both owners and staff on board that seamlessly connect with responsible commercial operations of the ship. Whether you are just looking for a conventional analogue TV system or a full IP TV network with internet access and video on demand: we find the right solution for you. Alphatron Marine distinguishes itself through our complete understanding of ships, their crews and the maritime market. Simply speaking the same language contributes to the successful completion of a project. We provide supply, engineering, installation, programming and start-up of complete commercial solutions.

Control your system completely with just one press of a button on a sleek touch screen, engraved keyboard, or even on your own iPad. Select your favourite film or music without leaving your seat. Control the lighting, air conditioning and window tinting from the same comfortable chair, and check your alarm system through the (wireless) technology. The operating system behind the convenience and comfort that you experience is the true intelligence that lies within a successful entertainment concept.

Take the pre-set Blu-ray as an example: it can simultaneously turn on the TV, activate the Blu-ray player and adjust the AV processor to the correct input. Users can check their email or start a movie while the lights dim, the curtains close, the music stops and the volume of the film increases – all with one touch. Users can see the position of the ship or check the monitoring system if they want to stay informed of the arrival time in port. Users can even give AV presentations or conduct international video conferences. We can supply, install and configure a customised operating system to provide you with complete control.

Besides the aesthetic and user-friendly interfaces, the hardware is also robust and reliable, making our hardware solutions particularly well suited for maritime environments.

A concept that is still more used on land than on water: IT. Information technology is becoming more and more essential to operations and communications for vessels. In anticipation of the growing market demand, our team includes colleague specialists who assist our customers with the more challenging IT configurations for projects.

By staying on top of market developments and working with the right partners, we are able to present complete and ready-made solutions. Whether that involves a configuration of your satellite communication system, a wireless network, or installing various network systems within a virtual environment: we find the right solution for you, for the right budget.