The inland department at Alphatron has experienced rapid growth since its establishment. This is partly due to a well-functioning service network in Europe. The collaboration with JRC has resulted in a number of different models of river radars, including the JMA-608 and the JMA-610. The development of innovative products has led to innovation in inland waterways. We use existing techniques proven in the inland shipping sector and have thus created a versatile range of products that excel in reliability and safety.

Alphatron offers custom-made products for the inland market, focusing on navigation and communication. We are able to provide a modern wheelhouse with a full navigation package, whereby all tools are included. Furthermore, for existing ships, detailed equipment is available, where the price is just as important as the design.

We guarantee an excellent service for our inland products. A team of service engineers are ready day and night to help you with any possible problems with equipment. In addition, we make use of an extensive network of dealers, based domestic and abroad, to provide you with optimum service - anytime, anywhere.

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New products


River Rader

  • Versatile and Simple
  • Multifunction Design
  • Glasprotection
  • Easy use control panel



  • Blind spot vision
  • Gangway security
  • Engine room monitoring
  • Deck surveillance

AlphaPilot MF

For inland shipping

  • Suitable for controlling black/white
  • An electronic compass can be connected
  • Special servo output
  • Ideal for navigating a set track

AlphaTrioPilot MF

For inland shipping

  • Combines analog displays with a digital processor
  • Easily be programmed
  • Modern looking three-in-one unit
  • Available in 2 colors

AlphaCall MF

For inland shipping

  • Highly suitable
  • Two-way command
  • Intercom system


Speed, heading and depth info

  • TFT Screen
  • Clear, and bright digital touch display
  • Central dimming possibility for multiple displays
  • Dimmable 1% - 99%