Communication project

The Tax Authorities operate under the Ministry of Finance. For tasks to be completed efficiently, four different organisational units have been set up: Taxes, Surcharges, Commodities, and Special Investigations (FIOD). Communication, both internally and externally, is important and should proceed optimally. The Tax Authorities therefore work with a national protocol, for emergency response, as well as security issues.

As part of the ‘new working’, the Tax Authorities have given an assignment to Alphatron to provide various communication tools that are supported by the emergency services, in the case of an emergency. Alphatron Marine has delivered more than 300 portable radios and 1650 PZI pagers (People Search Installation). In addition, all other necessary equipment, such as control stations, repeaters and support channels has been deployed at more than 45 branches of the Tax Authorities. The project started in October 2013, and was completed successfully.

Edwin Weber, from the Alphatron Communication department, said: “Our relatively low price for the best overall solution is the decisive factor for the Tax Authorities. Alphatron can deliver and install both portable radios and pagers. The Tax Authorities also considered the solvability and we have fully proven this aspect. Amongst other things, this is due to the high demand, low employee turnover and a good financial standing.”

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