Fast yacht supplier

This slick 67 meter Fast Yacht Supplier (FYS) support vessel has been equipped with a full AlphaBridge system, which includes leather consoles, to meet the needs of this very specific market. Garcon offers accommodation for up to 10 guests. The yacht is also capable of carrying up to 21 crew members on board, whilst providing a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Garcon has a cruising speed of 17 knots, a maximum speed of 21 knots and a range of 4.500 nm from her 350.000 liter fuel tanks.

Alphatron equipped the vessel with a unique, new, versatile and innovative modular bridge console concept based on Dutch design. The bridge console is composed using the best materials. The bridge makes a secure operation easier for ships of any class and size. The AlphaBridge forms the basis of a design that meets all your needs. The design on this vessel complies with the regulations and provides comfortable operation of all navigation, control and communication systems that contribute to a safe journey.

What’s more, onboard entertainment has been fully supplied. This project is an outstanding example of Alphatron’s flexibility towards any kind of concept for the vast Dutch yacht building community.

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