Subsea operation vessel

JRC and Alphatron Marine are pleased with the delivery of the first AlphaBridge in Japan, made for a company named Fukada Salvage. The premium multi-function integrated bridge was installed on the 78-meter subsea operation (ROV mother), vessel Poseidon-1.

The owner was impressed at the early stage of production, realizing the strength of the ergonomically designed AlphaBridge, which offers intuitive, comfortable operation of all navigation, DP, control and communications systems that contribute to safe passage. The delivery consisted of a fore bridge, aft bridge, multiple chairs on rails, GMDSS, communication and electronic chart working areas. Together with the owner and shipyard, the best possible configurations were selected, keeping it solid and stable, without compromising on a sleek overall design.

The console building and prefabrication was completed in the Netherlands, whilst the final assembly was conducted in Japan. We feel this is only the beginning and a clear example of what happens when Japanese quality meets Dutch innovation.

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